pixel X800N Standard review

Pixel is still hard at work to establish itself as a leading name in the speedlite market. Not long ago i tested the X800C full featured flash, with incorporated 2.4Ghz radio triggers (Canon version) and found it to be extraordinary as far as ease of use and reliability.

It was clear at the time that Pixel puts a lot of time and continued effort into the interface and i can say that they have been very attentive to feedback from users, myself included.

So here’s the short version of this review: it’s a really good iTTL speedlite with advanced features and unbeatable for the price.

Get one of these and you’ve got power, versatility, consistent exposure, sturdiness to match the top units from Nikon, at a fraction of their price. Most importantly, the ease of use surpasses any other unit available in this market segment. Furthermore, Pixel is improving the interface with every model and i expect this to be included with firmware updates as well.

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Nissin Di700 (for Nikon) review

Bobby_2014_08_02_0099139_Canon EOS 5D_100.0 mm_(S166-F8.0-ISO200-FY)

Flash photography is a complicated subject. As soon as you experiment with flash (and most likely that will be the incorporated unit in your phone or digital camera), you learn that pictures taken with flash are bad. That is true for DIRECT flash in low light conditions, however direct flash can also (and is absolutely necessary to) get wonderful results as fill flash, in contrasty lighting situations.

Enter big bulky flash guns with big displays and a lot of buttons, that you see on paparazzi’s cameras at the end of the red carpet. These look like you need a doctorate and another pair of hands to operate them.

That is definitely not the case with Nissin Di700, a $260 brilliant unit that is meant to do everything you need from a powerful flash gun, right out of the box, even if you have never held a flash gun in your life. And it achieves that objective with flying colours.

This review is based on a Nikon version which i have used as my main flash gun for more than a year, but the Di700 is also available for Canon and Sony DSLRs.

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pixel mago flash (for canon) review

Bobby_2014_07_27_0098756_Canon EOS 5D_100.0 mm_(S83-F5.6-ISO400-FY)

If you’re into accessorizing your DSLR or studio lighting, then you definitely came across the Pixel name already.

Most famous for their King series of TTL wireless triggers, which brought this technology to an affordable price point, Pixel now brings us a fully featured flash gun with one of the highest GN on the market, ready to compete head to head with Canon 600EX and Nikon SB910, and the wide variety of high end flashes available from third party manufacturers.

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