pixel X800C review

It’s barely been a year since Pixel surprised me with the news of a new speedlite with their logo on it and the evolution of that first model is already in my curious little hands for testing. And evolved it has, in almost every aspect.

Here’s the short version of this review: it’s really good and unbeatable for the price.

Get one of these and you’ve got power, consistent exposure, ease of use and every feature you can think of. Get a King trigger and you’ll be the flash master on a minimal budget. Skip the trigger and get a second unit, and then you can really have some fun and get creative. And you’ll still spend less than a main brand’s full-featured flash unit.

The Pixel Mago was not without it’s quirks, but the manufacturer has demonstrated the ability to bring a successful product to the market, and i can tell that they’re here to stay.

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